Hi, I'm Tom —
I'm a UX Designer based in Brighton, UK. I have 10+ years of design industry experience.

Currently UX Designer @ Rakuten Advertising
You will often find me out hiking in the South Downs National Park

Being a UX designer allows me to solve complex problems and bring the end user a pleasurable experience. I make sure that products are enjoyable, accessible and beautiful to look at. I have a passion for getting fully immersed in a problem and experimenting with a range of possible solutions.

Seeing the impact of how I can influence a user's behaviour within a product or application fascinates me. Being empathetic and understanding helps ensure that I can make a product not just work for its intended users but be something they feel comfortable with.

I'm currently based just outside of sunny Brighton, UK. You'll usually find me hiking on the South Downs with my partner, paddle boarding at sea or adventuring around the world.

A little insight to my life

I'm always looking for opportunities for collaboration. Reach out and let's chat!

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